Letter’s from a ride or die bitch


Dear Clyde, 

I don’t care about fighting and arguing, 
I’ll still be here tomorrow

You know how to keep me,

Be true to this

You ain’t new to this

We both been through some shit 

Let me clarify, 
I’m a ride or die

Get with this shit

I’ll be here 

When shit hits the fan

I still be Holding you down 

Even after it ends 

I can promise you forever and always 

And surely mean it 

Sincerely, your Bonnie 

Tales of a love addict


Be my sweet vice babyI’m just asking you to always give me that little rush 

Or is this just a little crush? 

But here I am 

So high 

I’m floating 

and I don’t plan on coming down



Stuck in this purgatory, waiting to move on with my life. My essence is tangled in this limbo. It’s so hard to stand and hold on, as everything shifts, moves and tumbles to distort my balance.

I am still standing though.

My heart screams, fighting every urge to fall and sudue this agonizing feeling. 

I won’t give in. 

I’ve gotten too far for that bullshit

Try me. 


I can’t be dealt with or handled. I am a woman; a force of nature to be reckoned with. 

Proceed with caution, there is no warning label. 



Let your smile light the fires in this dim world. Let positive energy consume you. 

Set yourself free, you weren’t meant to be caged. 

Forgive yourself and others because today is a new day.

Start today, there is no day but today;

tomorrow is never guaranteed and yesterday has passed. 



Give me a reason to stay, To feel

To want 

To excite and be excited

Give me a reason, 

Because there’s a millions of reasons why it’s worth it, I know nothing is perfect but i’ll make it perfect for you. 

Happy birthday to my brother


7,11. I don’t know how mom and dad managed to make us around the same time 3 years apart…. BUT, I’m glad they did and I have spent 25 birthdays next to yours. Have an amazing 28th birthday my one and only brother. I love you to pieces and I wish us both the best year of our lives and much more to come. 

My quarter of a century peak: 25. 


I can’t believe that I’ve reached my quarter of a century peak. I am rather speechless in my new findings of this thing we call life. 

I wish to share one of my findings (only this one for now) because it seems to be affecting me lately…..

We choose the people we wish to make special in our lives. The relationships we value, are the ones we keep. 

I no longer wish to keep invaluable relationships or people in my life.

 I spend so much time and energy trying to make people care. But for what, I started to ask myself? What do you do for me? Why should I care about you and your wellbeing when you can’t even bother to answer or send a text to inquire about my own. 

It’s okay to let go of people and cleanse your  life of the negativity people share with you.  And with all of this said, I’m going to be fine this year.

I do not wish to spend or waste energy on people who can’t reciprocate what they preach, no more falseness.

 I stand strong on my own any way.