all the same. 

Today, I cried for you for the first time. At first, I thought it was because you hurt me. But, soon I realized it was because I would let you go, if you asked me to. 

I only cried because I would do anything to make you happy.

(A couple of months later…)

I cry every night because I miss you and I finally let you go; it hurts all the same. 


I forgive you mom. 

I grew up as a Catholic and I always wondered why my mom always went to confessional all the time. I would ask her what sins do you commit? I always thought she was perfect, she is the definition of integrity. But today I finally know she told the priest but there is no forgiveness from God for your sin. No matter what anyone says God does not forgive everything. I’m sorry mom but I forgive you, not all of us can be strong, and because of you I am. So I thank you for showing me how to be better than you at last, your perfect in every other way. You saved our next generation of women in your family. Everything does happen for reason, and sometimes those reasons take a long time to be discovered. 

can’t be saved. 

I used to think that you were the way you were because you were incomplete. A particular realization came back to my senses, that I am not the piece that will make you whole. 

See, I am incomplete as well and I know that another person isn’t what’s missing. 

The void in my heart is deep, it has reached my soul and there’s no saving the unsalvageable. 

In trying to complete others, I have destroyed my own being. 


I can’t promise to stay, but I can promise to tell you when I want to leave

I can’t promise forever,

but I can tell you I’ve compromised forever with others for you

I can’t promise I won’t be crazy, 

because I like the fact that you bring out the real me

I can only make one promise, 

I promise to give you everything I have and it will be more than you will ever need,

 I promise 

7 Day Rehab 

Sunday, I fell apart

Monday, I tried to press restart  

Tuesday, sank in my blues

Wednesday, it became old news 

Thursday, I faced my fears 

Friday, I am set free

Saturday, I’m back to me

Told myself, 

It’s a bad day, 

possibly a bad week, 

even a wicked month 

but remember it’s not a bad life 

Letter’s from a ride or die bitch

Dear Clyde, 

I don’t care about fighting and arguing, 
I’ll still be here tomorrow

You know how to keep me,

Be true to this

You ain’t new to this

We both been through some shit 

Let me clarify, 
I’m a ride or die

Get with this shit

I’ll be here 

When shit hits the fan

I still be Holding you down 

Even after it ends 

I can promise you forever and always 

And surely mean it 

Sincerely, your Bonnie 

Tales of a love addict

Be my sweet vice babyI’m just asking you to always give me that little rush 

Or is this just a little crush? 

But here I am 

So high 

I’m floating 

and I don’t plan on coming down


Stuck in this purgatory, waiting to move on with my life. My essence is tangled in this limbo. It’s so hard to stand and hold on, as everything shifts, moves and tumbles to distort my balance.

I am still standing though.

My heart screams, fighting every urge to fall and sudue this agonizing feeling. 

I won’t give in. 

I’ve gotten too far for that bullshit